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Nature and Human body has a similar process. How an imbalance in the element will destroy the nature similarly any imbalance created in human body will lead to illness. Nature first warns us through symptoms and later it turns as a disease

Formation of disease depends on three factors

  • Co-Cycle
  • Destructive Cycle
  • Receiving

Diseases through Co-Cycle

Let’s see co-cycle in detail. In co-cycle diseases are formed when there is a problem in the formation of the elements. Take earth as an example. For the formation of earth, fire has to completely cool. If the cooling process is incomplete then earth carries the heat in it. It results in either of the following

Burning sensation in stomach, Heamoglobin produced by the spleen gets destroyed immediately and gets accumulated in any part of the body or, improper cell growth or tissue growth or Thyroid etc. Each element is formed from other element. When earth carries heat, the air which is formed from this also carries heat and tends to be hot. It results in Lung/Large intestine related problems, skin irritation etc.
Each element can cause “888” diseases. Totally there are 4448 diseases in Human body. This hot air cannot bring rain, creating an imbalance in water resulting in the disorder of Kidney/Urinary bladder, irregular periods, bone related problems, severe hair fall etc. when there is no sufficient rain plants cannot grow properly leading to poor contraction and expansion of muscles, nerve disorder, Eye related problems, disorder in Liver/Gall bladder, Arteries, Veins etc

Diseases through Destructive Cycle

Earlier we saw how these elements are inter-dependant with each other and how they destroy when there is an imbalance.

The blockage in the meridian creates a pressure and hence energies get mixed up with each other resulting in imbalance. For example, in nature, when water gets mixed with earth or soil, the soil gets clogged and the water is unable to seep through. Similarly, in our body when water energy gets mixed with earth energy, nephrons get clogged and they are unable to purify the blood and with the passage of time, if not rectified, this leads to kidney dysfunction.

Let’s take fire as an example and see the diseases that are formed because of mixing.

Fire mixing with Earth

  • Burning sensation in stomach
  • Hemoglobin count problem
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid
  • Stomach disorder
  • Problems related to Circulatory / cardiac systems
  • Problems in cell tissues

Fire mixing with Air

  • Burning sensation in skin
  • Lungs related problem
  • Large intestine related problem (constipation)

Fire mixing with Water

  • Bone related problems
  • Disorders of kidney and urinary bladder
  • Patients can collapse completely

Fire mixing with Wood

  • Disorders of muscles, Liver, Arteries / veins
  • Gall bladder related problems(including tumor, stone)
  • Eye related problems

We have seen only fire. Similarly any element can mix with any other element. This is how diseases are formed in destructive cycle

Diseases through Receiving

If a person in unable to receive any of the energy then the corresponding organs get affected. For example if a person is not receiving wood energy, then he might suffer from any of the following:

  • Disorder in Liver, Gall Bladder
  • Poor contraction and expansion of muscles
  • Nerve/Artery related problems
  • Eye problems

In due course the fire may not burn properly as there is no wood and hence the organs related to fire also gets affected and this cycle continues.