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The Five Elements are basic, but the knowledge surrounding them runs deep A detailed study about the five elements will give an insight about Human body and diseases. It’s interesting to know about the sequence of formation of the five elements which is known as “Universal Co-cycle”.

  • Earth came as a fire ball from the Universe. The first element formed was “Fire”
  • This Fire completely cooled and “Earth” was formed
  • The sand particles in the earth got mixed up with each other and “Air” was formed
  • This air went up as dark clouds and came down as rain and thus “Water” was formed
  • When water fell on earth, plants started to grow and “Wood” was formed

Each element is formed from the other element. Fire is the mother of earth and Earth is the mother of Air and Air is the mother of water and water is the mother of wood and wood is the mother of Fire. Thus each element has a mother child relationship. Since each element is formed from the other element this is known as “Universal Co-cycle”.