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Doctor L. Umaa Venkatesh has done her MD in Acupuncture from the University Of Colombo, Sri Lanka, and has over 14 years of experience in acupuncture and 21 years of experience in Pulse Balancing.She runs Santoshi Medical Research Foundation. She dedicated her life in doing research to find out a solution for health problems.

She implements an advanced technique of Acupuncture known as ‘Pulse Balancing’ through Single Needle System. Herein, the five elements are balanced for one to remain healthy.

Her track record includes successful treating of various diseases such as kidney dysfunction, diabetes, heart disorders, infertility, Thyroid etc. While modern day science is unable to fathom some medical mysteries, she is able to identify diseases that a patient may probably be a victim of even 3 years later. A clear study of a patients ‘naadi’ gives her insight into the fitness level of the person. She even treats infants less than 6-10 months old in her effortless easygoing attitude.

Through her research breakthrough in pulse balancing she has proved that one can achieve health, wealth and success through this holistic treatment method.


ISHMA has awarded “Master Trainer in Pulse Balancing”- May 2013.

‘Marundilla Maruthuva Ulagin Oli Vilakku 2003’ award from the Acupuncture Association.

‘Saadhanai Chemmal’ award for her contribution to service by conducting more than 100 rural camps every year from Maha Fine Arts.

‘Jambhavan’ award from Press and Media Chennai towards her contribution to the field of medicine.