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Natural Cure for Asthma

How to cure Asthma naturally?

How AR Rahman sister AR Reihana got cured completely from Asthma

This is the feedback recieved from AR Rahman sister AR Reihana after she got permanently cured from Asthma

Natural Remedies for Asthma

I have been taking treatment from DR. Uma Venkatesh past seven months for Asthma, by god’s grace miraculalously I have been cured 100% of my asthma. Previously I had no belief in Pulse Balancing and my friend and her father almost dragged me here to try Pulse Balancing.

“Now, I'm so thankful to them and I think its gods will to releive me from Asthma has brought me here. I used to be allergic to all fruits, ice creams, ghee, icecold foods, water melon butter etc. I'm eating them almost daily. My skin tone has improved because of these foods. May god give DR. Umaa Venkatesh a long life and relive more and more patients from these incurable Asthma.

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