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Pulse Balancing Health Tips

Benefits & Uses of Neem Leaves

As we all know, neem leaves have a huge number of health benifits among all of the trees. Today Dr. Umaa Venkatesh suggested a tip that can cure your physical and mental health. These tips can naturally cure Diabetes, Blodd Pressure(BP), Asthma, Thyroid, Skinrelated issues(Psoriasis), Obesity, Sinus, Arthritis, Autom Immune diseases etc..,

Natural Remedies

How to prepare

  • Wake-up at 4:00 AM

  • Put Some Water(100-250ML) into a bowl and heat it for few minutes

  • Turnoff the fire and add neem leaves to the hot water

  • Close the bowl with a lid and wait for 30 minutes

  • At 5:00AM, filter the neem water into a glass and drink it

  • By doing it daily you'll find the better health results. Because neem leaves have the best results.

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