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Benefits & Uses of Eating Spice

Are you a spicy food lover? & Love to eat spicier?

If you’re a spice eat lover then you no need to worry. Dr. Umaa Venkatesh explained why you not to worry and how it is related to five energy elements.

Natural Remedies

By eating sufficient spice you can naturally cure blood pressure, cancer and helps in weight loss, also improves heart health.

Pulse Balancing is the natural process deals with balancing the five elements of nature and their energy flow in our body. So Dr. Umaa Venkatesh clinically studied and explained how spicy is related to these five elements and which element is related to spice.

Below image explains the nature of five elements.

Natural Remedies

Spice is related to Air energy in our body.

Natural Remedies

What are the body parts that are related to spicy:

Natural Remedies

People with low air energy in the body are like to eat more spicy food. For some people, the excess air energy gets struck & it doesn’t convert into water energy. So those people cannot eat more spice.

Eating spice when tongue indicates is good for health. It balances air energy in our body.

Here are the health benefits of eating spice:

  • Helps in weight loss

  • Improves heart health

  • Helps in cancer prevention

  • Lowers the blood pressure

  • Natural Remedies

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